About us 

With more than 60 million ‘people on the move,’ we are currently witnessing the largest displacement to occur in modern times. Nearly one in 100 people worldwide, including six in ten Syrians, are displaced from their homes. At the same time, we perceive a growing number of everyday people caring for ‘people on the move’—an umbrella term we use for refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons and migrants. ‘People on the move’ are confronted with the hardships around being forcibly expelled from their own homes and the life-threatening risks posed by the journey to find refuge. They are also typically challenged by the idea that they are unwanted—at home, in transition, and in their host societies.

Moved by the stories of people crossing multiple borders to seek refuge, we started exploring holistic ways to embrace human dignity, generosity and kindness. The Global Whole Being Fund was established two years ago and awards grants through RSF Social Finance in San Francisco, California.  

Our vision is to support 'people on the move' to find meaning, connection, & belonging.


  • Support courageous, compassionate, heart-led local, national, and international programs and initiatives.
  • Raise awareness for the interconnectedness of forced displacement and promote a holistic response system for ‘people on the move.’
  • Connect, engage and collaborate with other funders supporting ‘people on the move’ in the United States and globally.

Our support focuses on nourishing the dignity of ‘people on the move’  and the receiving communities. We are filling gaps within the emergency, humanitarian and resettlement support system covering eleven countries across the globe. Our aim is to elevate the support to a holistic level upholding the dignity of ‘people on the move.’ Thanks to courageous and compassionate heart-led local, national, and international programs and initiatives we have seen multiple ways of supporting the holistic wellbeing of ‘people on the move’ and their host communities. We have placed strong emphasis on supporting emerging and local organizations in Greece covering seven locations across the mainland and the islands. 


  • Elevating emergency support to a holistic and dignified level.
  • Elevating humanitarian support to a holistic and dignified level.
  • Nourishing relationships between ‘people on the move’ and their receiving communities.
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T: +1.415.690.0665
E: negar@gwbf.org 


Our team 

Negar Tayyar, Philanthropic advisor

Advisors to the Fund: Alan Zulch, Barbara Sargent, Jaune Evans, and Tom Sargent